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All of our protectors have been tested to Australian Standard, and approved by the National Asthma Council & Sids and Kids.
Please contact us for assistance or information on any of our product. Phone 7 Days: Sydney 02 931 66654

We Sell And Recommend Protect•a•Bed Protectors The Worlds #1 Selling Protector

What our customers are saying…

  • “Our order for the purchase of our mattress protectors was speedily and efficiently dispatched and we had our order delivered within a matter of days. Most appreciative of the immediate attention to our request.”

    Arthur Mason Best Western Country Pathfinder Motor Inn, QLD
  • “We have found the fitted protectors to be very successful in keeping our mattresses clean. I am confident when children stay that we are going to have no accidents and besides the mattresses look very tidy even when bedding has been stripped away.”

    Rosalind Miller Manager Boat Harbour & Seashells Resorts
  • “I purchased a mattress protector and pillow cases for my teenage son who sweats a lot during the night. The products are fantastic! He loves the fact that they are waterproof and doesn’t sound like a plastic bag when you sleep on it. The service was awesome – l had my emails responded to very promptly.”

    Wendy Ruddell Secondary School Nurse - Kurnai & Lowanna Colleges Victoria
  • “Just a short note to report back about how impressed I am with your ‘cover and protect’ mattress protectors. The best thing since sliced bread. It has cut back on my work load by half.... I’m very impressed with the ‘cover and protect”

    Angela Richards 2014 Best Western Lorne Coachman Inn.
  • “Thank you for the prompt delivery and great products you supply. I have fitted out all of our hotel with the waterproof mattress protectors and pillow cases. I am so happy with the product, they fit perfectly and very simple to clean... I highly recommend these protectors to anyone whom is in the accommodation industry.”

    Naomi Williamson march 2013 Manager Best Western Karratha Central Apartments

Cover and Protect The Waterproof Mattress and Bed Protector Specialists

Cover and Protect sell and specialise in waterproof mattress and pillow protectors that are impermeable to dust mites, bed bugs, mold & bacteria, body fluids, spills & Stains. We supply Australia wide to Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Backpackers and Private residences with our extensive range of bed protection products.
Cover and Protect is 100% Australian owned business that is based in Sydney NSW and run by Anthony Karet. We sell Protect.a.Bed branded protectors which are the worlds #1 seller of bed protectors and distribute to 50 countries globally. We feel safe to sell their protectors to our customers as they have been tested & approved in Australia for harmful substances by ‘Confidence in Textiles’ and also approved by the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice Program, Sids for Kids, and the Eczema Foundation.

Do We Need Waterproof Protectors?
Note: Waterproof Protectors Are Not Just For Bedwetting or Incontinence Problems.

FACT:  We all perspire & shed dead skin every night from the top of the head to the tip of our toes. In fact up to 4 cups of liquid & dead skin are absorbed into our pillows and mattresses.
If you are not using waterproof protectors, after 10 years your mattress or pillow will have doubled in weight from dust mite faeces, mould & fungus, body fluids and dead skin cells.
SOLUTION? Cover and Protect – The Bed Protector Specialists. We have a protector for all these problems.

Unprotected Mattresses
Do You Suffer From Asthma, Allergies, Bed Bugs, Dust Mites

All these symptoms and more could be caused by your mattress and pillows.
As many as 2 million mites have been counted in unprotected mattresses and it only takes 4 months for an unprotected mattress to become infested. (A major concern for asthma and allergy sufferers).
Dust mite information
House dust mites can trigger respiratory or dermatological conditions including asthma and eczema. Note:Its not just the dust mite which causes the problems but excrement the dust mite sheds on your mattress & pillows contains a potent allergen that causes the irritations.  It dosen’t matter how clean your house is it is impossible to destroy your entire dust mite population, but you can dramatically reduce their numbers in your bedding by fitting the correct mattress & pillow protectors from Cover and Protect. Please contact us so we can recommend the correct protector for your particular situation.

Bed Bugs Bite Australia
Bed bugs are making a comeback in Australia. Not only are they attacking the accommodation industry but they are becoming a huge problem in the residential home. Bed bugs are excellent hitch-hikers and can be transported from property to property, person to person. They can be transported in suitcases, backpacks, and furniture almost anywhere their tiny flat body can fit. They are a wingless insect, so they spread by crawling and may cause an infestation in multiple rooms in a home or even multiple dwellings in apartment buildings, hotels, backpackers, or resorts. Stop any threat of bed bug infestations in your bedding by fitting mattress bed base and pillow encasements. Cover and Protect sell the only protector in Australia that have been lab tested and scientifically proven to be completely bed bug proof.